darling, you’re a lot stronger than you think

Tangled in unwanted thoughts, she realised that there was only one person who could truly save her. And with that, she freed herself. Maybe this is just me, but I've always imagined this heroic person stepping into my life when I need them most and magically knowing exactly what to do to help. The reality … Continue reading darling, you’re a lot stronger than you think



And these pretty shoes, that sat on my feet, decided it was time for an adventure. 🙂 (photo is mine)

what I need right now is :

Sleep. Something I do all to often, And not often enough. Constantly in a battle with tiredness, Yet I do myself no favours, By blogging at 22:21 pm on a Wednesday night. x YESTERDAY'S POST (10/01/17) THURSDAY'S POST (12/01/17) @alildaydreamer alittledaydreamer01@gmail.com