being sad is c00l

I'm going to try not to make this into rant-style post, but, here's what I've been thinking... Now-a-days, it seems as though we are unable to normalise anything. If we have an issue, we don't just deem it acceptable and move on, we glamorise it - make it "cool" when there's no need. Since when … Continue reading being sad is c00l


note to self.

note to self:   When you're ill, You cannot just 'talk yourself out of it'. Sorry, but you ain't that special.   You need to look after yourself first and foremost. You are important to, you so, Please take care.   Sometimes, what you need isn't what you want. Understanding what you need, Should be … Continue reading note to self.

get to know Me 

I was thinking of doing a quick Q and A for a video for YouTube and I would really appreciate it if you left a question or two in the comments xx  (I will also personally reply on here too, just in case the video takes longer than expected) ❤️ Thank you in advance xx 

my room. 

This is a completely unedited, candid photo of my room. ^^ Or a part of it at least.  My room is my own space. It's mine to feel safe in; somewhere I am able to completely and utterly be my authentic self.  Occasionally, it gets messy. But that's only if I pay attention to it. Funnily … Continue reading my room. 

The Monday Rule

Really wants to post on a Monday because she somehow thinks it makes her seem organised and makes up for the fact that she hasn't consistently written anything in 3 months but actually doesn't have a clue what she wants to say. So instead, she writes her entire post based on how she is having … Continue reading The Monday Rule