Photography Posts 📷

I'm really eager to write more posts on photography, relating to editing and so forth as I've recently been trying to start a new theme on Instagram that will allow me to post more simplistic photographs. I would love to hear what you think as it would give me encouragement for the upcoming posts. 🙂 … Continue reading Photography Posts 📷


I Want To Be “Lost.”

I want to travel. I want to have a long and unplanned road trip that will take me to somewhere, while being immersed in new light.  The "where" is not as important as the "who with". Because the curious minds that surround you are the ones to open your eyes and make you look differently.  … Continue reading I Want To Be “Lost.”

What Do You Think?

Comment what time it is and what you're currently thinking about.  It's 22:57 p.m and I'm thinking about how I shouldn't be thinking. And how sleep is probably a good idea; the solution to most problems. 🌙